MA-XRF scanning was carried out on some manuscript leaves by Stijn Legrand and Koen Janssens (AXES Research Group, Dept of Chemistry, University of Antwerp), by means of a dedicated instrument, developed at the University of Antwerp. The instrument is equipped with a Magnum X-ray tube (Moxtek) with a Rh anode, operated at 45 kV and 200 μA. Two Vortex EX-90 detectors (Hitachi, each with a 50 mm2 active area) are mounted under an angle of 20° relative to the primary beam to detect the X-ray radiation under a large solid angle. The manuscript leaves were positioned about 1.5 cm away from the scanning head, parallel to the scanner’s plane of movement. Scanning times ranged between 9 and 24 hours for each object.

Several other manuscript leaves were by Paolo Romano (IBAM-CNR) and Claudia Caliri (LNS-INFN) with a MA-XRF scanner developed at the LANDIS laboratory (LNS-INFN and IBAM-CNR, Catania). The instrument consists of a microfocus Rh-target X-ray tube equipped with a polycapillary optic and a large active area SDD detector with high energy resolution. The MA-XRF scan covers an area of up to 105x70 with maximum spatial resolution of 35 micron. Scanning times ranged between 1 and 3 hours per object.



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