Manuscript gallery


  • help-manuscript-gallery
  • Select a manuscript to view


  • help-manuscript-page-1
  • Select 'Artists', 'Owners' etc for further details


  • help-manuscript-underlines
  • Select an underlined name or topic for further information (this also restricts the gallery to the folios related to that person or topic)


  • help-manuscript-gallery-hotspots
  • Folios with a triangle of dots next to the number contain further 'hotspot' information


Folio page


  • help-folio-page-1
  • Enlarge image to full screen, zoom in and out, drag image across screen
  • Scroll to previous and next folios within selected manuscript
  • Return to folio gallery
  • Access this help page


  • help-folio-page-hotspots
  • Select triangle of dots, when available, to reveal numbered hotspots
  • Select a hotspot for further information in a pop-up window


  • help-folio-page-layer
  • Select the layer option, when available, to view an analysis layer (such as infrared)
  • The layer can be dragged up and down over the image by grabbing the dots on its lower edge
  • Some layers may appear solid grey but drag the layer down to reveal where selected portions only of the image have been analysed


  • help-folio-page-scroll
  • Scroll down for information about the individual folio


  • help-folio-page-reset
  •  The reset button can be used to return an enlarged image to default size and position




  • help-map
  • Select a red dot on map to show manuscripts related to that place
  • Select 'Timeline' to open a timeline for a manuscript
  • Select 'Go to manuscript' to move to manuscript page
  • Restrict place names shown on map by adjusting start and end of date range




  • help-lab-1
  • The Lab section provides information about artists' materials and techniques and methods of technical analysis used in studying the manuscripts


  • help-lab-2
  • Links to related folios and other content can be found at the foot of many lab pages