The Breslau Psalter


Artists' Techniques

Underdrawing, probably drawn with a dry medium, can be detected in the infrared images of many folios, particularly to define drapery folds. It is especially apparent in the compositions painted by Hand A – most strikingly in Christ’s flowing robe on fol. 87v.

The position of the miniature’s outer frames was also sketched on the page prior to painting, as is apparent especially on fols. 49v and 51r.   

Lightbox: 213
Detail of the Virgin’s face and mantle under magnification (7.5x), showing the significant degradation of the verdigris pigment.
Lightbox: 214
Detail of an angel’s face under magnification (20x).

This miniature painted by Hand A depicts a specific moment of the Crucifixion. Including the Virgin, St John and two adoring angles, it shows Christ’s side being pierced by the Roman centurion who would embrace the new faith as Jesus’ blood healed his blindness.