The Hours of Philip the Bold

Master of Wauquelin's Alexander


This artist, active in Bruges c. 1440-1460, contributed two images: the Visitation (fol. 200r) and the Mass of St Gregory witnessed by Philip the Good (fol. 253v).

This 15th-century miniature was painted by the Master of Wauquelin's Alexander, an artist active in Bruges c. 1440-1460, on a separate piece of parchment which was then pasted onto the page. Kneeling on a carpet woven with the arms of Burgundy, Philip the Good wears the collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece which he founded in 1430. He witnesses the vision of Christ that St Gregory received while celebrating Mass. Surrounded by the Instruments of his Passion, Christ appears above a retable depicting the Crucifixion with St Agnes, St Peter and the Virgin on the left (the liturgical right), and Saints John, Paul and Catherine on the right.