The Breslau Psalter

Hand B


Another talented local artist painted four full-page miniatures (fols. 15v, 16r, 21v, 22r). His figures are elegant, but less imposing than those painted by Hand A. His range of greens is more limited and of inferior application, with large areas of flaking pigment revealing the underdrawing. His transparent pink fabrics are muted in hue. He employed large amounts of woad in flesh tones, like Hand A, but unlike him, used the same pigments for beards and preferred soft tan as a surface hue for faces.

Hand B employed traditional Byzantine iconography, showing the Nativity in a landscape setting and including the shepherds as well as the new-born Christ Child about to receive his first bath. He also emulated the Gaibana Master’s broccoli-like trees. However, the emphatically linear, graphic style is characteristic of contemporary German painting and illumination.