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Helen Strudwick

Associate Curator (Egyptian Antiquities)

Helen Strudwick has worked at the Fitzwilliam Museum since 2001. She originally studied archaeology of the eastern Mediterranean at Liverpool, but rapidly specialised in Egyptology. She has been field director of the Cambridge Theban Tombs project since 1994. Working with Julie Dawson (the museum’s Head of Conservation) she curated a major exhibition on ancient Egyptian coffins, focussing on the development of coffins and the funerary industry more generally in pharaonic Egypt.


Research Interests

Ancient Egyptian coffins and funerary archaeology

Tombs and funerary practice at Thebes (ancient Luxor)

Sightlines in ancient landscapes and the metaphysics of seeing

History of Egyptology


Recent/Major Publications

Death on the Nile: Uncovering the Afterlife of Ancient Egypt

2016, London, D Giles Ltd [with Julie Dawson]


The Tomb of Pharaoh’s Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99). Part I: the New Kingdom
2016, Oxford, Oxbow Books [2 chapters]


Old Kingdom, New Perspectives: Egyptian art and archaeology 2750–2150 BC.
2011, Oxford, Oxbow Books [editor; with Nigel Strudwick]


Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt.
2006, London, Amber Books


Thebes in Egypt.
1999, London, British Museum Press [with Nigel Strudwick]