The Pabenham-Clifford Hours

Script and Textual Contents

Description and Contents


fols. 3r-26v Hours of the Virgin (Use of Sarum, imperfect) with Suffrages at Lauds

fols. 29r-42r Hours of the Trinity (ends imperfectly)

fols. 43r-55r Hours of the Holy Spirit (begins imperfectly)

fols. 55v-62r Penitential Psalms

fols. 62r-64r Litany (imperfect) with Collects

fols. 65r-66v Gradual Psalms (begins imperfectly) with Collects

fols. 67r-91v Office of the Dead (Use of Sarum, begins imperfectly) with Collects

fols. 92v-93r Bede on the Seven Last Words (15th-century addition)