The Hours of Philip the Bold

Physical Description

Description and Contents

Parchment, i modern parchment flyleaf + 275 fols. + i modern parchment flyleaf, 250 x 180 mm (163 x 105 mm), 24 long lines, ruled in brown ink (original campaign) or red ink (some 15th-century additions), offsets of some 25 devotional badges once attached to margins on fols. 226r-228r, 236v-252r, 262v-263v, leaves excised between fols. 69-70, 78-79, 105-106, 152-153, 243-244, 250-251, 252-253, 265-266. The main text is written in iron-gall ink and the rubrics in vermilion red. The Calendar text is written in gold and four colours: iron-gall ink, blue (likely ultramarine), orange-red (probably vermilion) and an organic dark red.