The Hours of Philip the Bold

Master of the Bible of Jean de Sy


Active in Paris c. 1350-1380, this artist illuminated manuscripts for Philip the Bold’s father, King John II of France, and brother, King Charles V of France. He is named after a copy of Jean de Sy’s French translation of the Bible begun in 1355 for John II (Paris, BnF, MS fr. 15397). The artist was formerly known as the Boquetaux Master because of the clustered trees found in his miniatures, but they also feature in works by other Parisian illuminators during the third quarter of the 14th century. The only page in the Grandes Heures illuminated by the Master of the Bible of Jean de Sy contains the Annunciation, the first of the ten large miniatures painted during the original campaign (fol. 13r). It displays the artist’s characteristic palette, painting technique, balanced compositions, elegant figures and intense facial expressions.