The Hours of Isabella Stuart

Script and Textual Contents

Description and Contents

The manuscript is written in Latin and French in Gothic bookhand (textualis).

fols. 1r-12v Calendar

fols. 13r-19v Gospel Sequences

fols. 20r-23v Prayer Obsecro te

fols. 24r-28r Prayer O intemerata

fol. 28r-28v Prayers Omnis virtus and Me tibi virgo pia (both added in the 1450s)

fols. 29r-98r Hours of the Virgin

fols. 99r-111v Penitential Psalms

fols. 111v-118v Litany and collects

fols. 119r-126v Hours of the Cross

fols. 127r-133v Hours of the Holy Spirit

fols. 134r-136r Passion according to St John

fols. 137r-140r Prayer Creator celi

fols. 140r-141r Prayers Suscipiat pietas and Salva me Domine

fol. 142r-142v Five Joys of the Virgin

fols. 143r-146v Prayers Ave Maria, Ave mundi, Deprecor te and Sub tuam protectionem

fols. 147r-191v Office of the Dead

fols. 192r-198v Fifteen Joys of the Virgin in French

fols. 199r-204r Seven Requests to Our Lord in French

fols. 204v-226v Suffrages to saints

fols. 226v-231v Prayers to the three Persons of the Trinity