Book of Hours

Script and Textual Contents

Description and Contents

The manuscript is written in Latin in a hybrid Gothic bookhand known as bastarda, bâtarde or lettre bourguignonne.

fols. 1r-12v Calendar

fol. 14r-14v Prayer Salve sancta facies

fols. 15r-23v Passion according to St John

fols. 25r-30v Short Hours of the Cross

fols. 31r-35v Short Hours of the Holy Spirit

fols. 36r-41v Mass of the Virgin

fols. 42r-46r Gospel Sequences

fols. 47r-49v Prayer Obsecro te

fols. 50r-98r Hours of the Virgin (Use of Rome)

fols. 98v-104v Office of the Virgin in Advent

fol. 105r-105v Prayer Salve Regina

fols. 107r-116r Penitential Psalms

fols. 116r-122v Litany with collects

fols. 123r-156r Office of the Dead (Use of Rome)

fols. 158r-159v Prayers to the Trinity

fols. 160r-161r Verses of St Gregory

fols. 161v-162v Verses of St Bernard

fols. 163r-164v Prayer O intemerata

fols. 165r-185v Suffrages to saints