Early Medieval Corpus
Single Finds of Coins in the British Isles, 410-1180

Recording new finds:

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We would very grateful to hear from people who know of single finds of the Anglo-Saxon and early Norman periods (410-1180), from gold shillings and early pennies down to the Cross-and-Crosslets (Tealby) coins of Henry II, particularly if they have not yet been published. For statistical purposes it is important that we record the common coins as well as the rarer ones. In return we will send full details on the finds, backed by the resources and library of the Department of Coins and Medals at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Ideally, we would like to see the coin itself, but good digital images may be perfectly sufficient in the first instance. We would also want to know the weight of the coin (in grams) if available, information about other finds from the site, and as much detail as possible about the circumstances of the find. Precise information about the findspot will be kept confidential, and only the name of the parish will be used in the online database and in publication (see the Note on findspots). We would still like to be able to record the precise findspot in confidential museum records, if possible.

Forms for reporting coins are available on request, but are not essential. If sending a coin (by prior arrangement only), please pack it carefully, preferably in a small padded envelope; we will normally return it within a week.

Please report finds to:

Early Medieval Corpus
Department of Coins and Medals
Fitzwilliam Museum
Cambridge CB2 1RB

Phone: Dr Martin Allen (01223) 332915