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Eva Namusoke

Senior Curator, African Collections Futures

Dr Eva Namusoke is Senior Curator, African Collections Futures, an initiative to map the African collections across the university museums, garden, libraries, archives, and departments. Eva’s history PhD from the University of Cambridge focused on the development of the Anglican church in Uganda post-independence, and her broader research interests include East African postcolonial history and contemporary politics, and modern Commonwealth history. She obtained a Master’s degree in African Studies from Yale University. After her PhD, Eva worked on the Commonwealth Oral History Project at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies (ICwS) in London, followed by roles in academia, public health, and policy research in Mauritius and Kampala. Eva maintained an interest in the intersection between research and public engagement, participating in the Being Human festival while at the ICwS, and on the founding committees of the Black Cantabs Society and Africa Together conference. She has published work on the relationship between the EU referendum, the Commonwealth, and British imperial nostalgia.  

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