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Dr Emily Bradfield

Practitioner Research Associate Collections and Wellbeing

Emily is interested in using creative research methods to explore participatory arts engagement which supports positive wellbeing. Her current research focuses on how it feels to be ‘in’ the Museum, from a multi-sensory perspective working with people living with non-visible disabilities and energy-limiting conditions. 

Emily holds a PhD in Creative Ageing (University of Derby), and an MSc in Cultural Events Management (De Montfort University). She is Founder and Co-Chair of the British Society of Gerontology’s Creative Ageing Special Interest Group, and a member of the Arts Health Early Career Research Network. 

Emily has been working in the field of Creative Health within the charity and hospital arts sectors since 2016, leading a local mental health charity (Arts and Minds) and working as an Independent Consultant and Researcher working with clients including: University College London Hospitals Arts and Heritage; Fullscope; Hampshire Cultural Trust; and Air Arts (the arts charity for University Hospitals of Derby and Burton). 



Bradfield, E. (2021) Subjective experiences of participatory arts engagement of healthy older people and explorations of creative ageing. Public health, 198, 53–58. DOI: 10.1016/j.puhe.2021.06.019 

Book Chapters  

Hogan, S. and Bradfield, E. (2018). ‘Creative ageing: the social policy challenge’ in: Creativity in Later Life: Beyond Late Style, Amigoni, D. and McMullan, G. (Routledge) 

Bradfield, E (2016) ‘Dia de los Muertos and its Representation of ‘Calaveras’ in Contemporary Art and Culture’, in: Focus on World Festivals: Contemporary case studies and perspectives, Newbold, C. and Jordan, J. (Goodfellow)  

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