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Welcome to our first virtual workshop for young people.

This short, 25-minute video will guide you through a few ideas and techniques to make your own art work at home during this time of stay home, stay safe.

Guest artist Susie Olczak is a sculptor and recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, Susie has been a freelance artist with us at the Fitzwilliam Museum for about 7 years and we’re sure you’ll recognise her!

Click here to see more about Susie or to see her artwork. 


Here is a summary to accompany the video:


Glue, Tape, clean recycling such as tubes, boxes, packaging, newspaper, polystyrene, Scissors

Space to work

We suggest putting a cover down onto your working surface or floor to keep it clean.


The art works and exhibitions mentioned in Susie’s video include:

‘China’s White Gold’ Temporary exhibition (2013)

Ben Nicholson ‘White Relief’ (1934) Card

Ben Nicholson ‘White Relief’ (1936) Plaster sculpture

Egyptian, Rome and Greece, Galleries 19-21 at The Fitzwilliam Museum Sculpture Promenades over several years on the front lawn 2009-2012 Including: Peter Randall Page, Tensei Tenmoku, Kan Yasuda. (2012)

Henry Moore, Hill Arches, (1973) bronze