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Practical Evaluation

This Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Cultural Value Follow-On Funding Project (September 2017–February 2019) enabled University of Cambridge staff to work in partnership with colleagues from the National Gallery and sociologists from Warwick University to develop the evaluation of selected programmes for children and young people, and test the use of automated systems.

The project supported Learning staff to develop Logic Models around different strands of their programmes and provide training on effective survey design. The project helped the National Gallery and University of Cambridge Museums to not only collect better evidence around the impact of their programmes, but also to feed this information back into the planning cycle as part of an iterative process. 

 A series of blog posts and case studies presented at two end of project seminars and on the Practical Evaluation website demonstrate the wide range of programmes with this audience and reflect the challenges and opportunities faced whilst implementing new evaluation techniques and strategies.

You can read more about the AHRC Cultural Value Project here.

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