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In addition to their authorship and date of manufacture, the Rothschild bronzes throw up many other questions: who commissioned them and for where; how were they originally displayed; and what do they mean? A one-day symposium was held at Downing College, University of Cambridge, in July 2015, to try to answer some of these questions. Papers covering a range of topics were presented to c. 120 delegates by a team of international experts.

A book is currently in preparation which contains updated versions of all the symposium papers as well as several additional contributions.


Welcome: Tim Knox


Introduction: Victoria Avery


'The Rothschild nudes: an anatomical who dunnit?'
Peter Abrahams


'Technical considerations of the Rothschild bronzes'
Robert van Langh


'Reconstructing the Rothschild bronzes'
Andrew Lacey


'The Rothschild bronzes: a possible patron and context for the commission'
Martin Gayford


'Subject and meaning: the Rothschild bronzes'
William E. Wallace


'What a ride! Brilliant balance and the beasts of the Rothschild bronzes'
Faya Causey


'Michelangelo's bronze David: its ancestry and progeny'
David Ekserdjian


'Michelangelo's bronze River gods: perpetuation, gemination and modification'
Eike Schmidt


'Michelangelo and Rustici'
Paul Joannides


'"Non è la mia professione": Michelangelo and the arti minori
Timothy Clifford