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  • Bouquet with corms of trichonema. Egypt. Twenty-Second Dynasty


Hundreds of objects have been examined, analysed and treated in the course of the project.

Facelift for Ramesses III's coffin

From a face-lift for the seven ton granite lid of Ramesses III’s coffin and its 1960s restorations…
RIGHT:Close-up of conservation of a flower
…to the cleaning, repair and mounting of the 3000 year old posy found as part of the burial of Nakhtefmut.

Analysis using Raman spectroscopy

LEFT:Analysis using Raman spectroscopy
From CT scanning at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to discover additional information about the body inside the red shroud mummy and the techniques by which he was preserved and wrapped...
…to the analysis of single particles of pigment from a decorated object using Raman spectroscopy
(equipment loaned by
Anglia Ruskin University)