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This project, underway since 1994, documents tomb contexts and burial practice at Thebes (ancient Luxor). Recent work has focussed on ritual and burial practice within the landscape of ancient Thebes; robbery and recycling of stolen funerary goods; publication of fieldwork.


Major tomb studies:

Tomb of Senneferi (TT99)

Tomb of Amenhotep (TT294)

Tomb of Amenmose (TT254)

Tomb of Khnummose (TT253)

Tomb of Amenemopet Tjanefer (TT297)



Strudwick, N. and Strudwick, H. (1996) The tombs of Amenhotep, Khnummose, and Amenmose at Thebes (nos. 294, 253, and 254). Oxford: The Griffith Institute. [With contributions by Jeffrey Burden, Gunter Heindl, Carol Meyer, Pamela Rose, Stuart T. Smith, and Tony Waldren]

Strudwick, N. (editor) (2016) The Tomb of Pharaohs Chancellor Senneferi at Thebes (TT99). Part I: The New Kingdom. Oxford, Oxbow Books. [With contributions by Nigel Strudwick, Helen Strudwick, Trevor Emmett, Julie Dawson, Irmtraut Munro, John Taylor, Pamela Rose, Briant Bohleke, and Tony Waldron]

Strudwick, N. and Strudwick, H. (1999) Thebes in Egypt. London: British Museum Press



Christ’s College, Cambridge; British Academy; Gerald Avery Wainwright Fund for Near Eastern Archaeology; Thomas Mulvey Egyptology Fund; Townley Group of the British Museum Friends; Society of Antiquaries


Sponsors and supporters:

Noel Sweitzer, Mrs S Sparrow, Sussex College of Egyptology, Mr & Mrs A.W. Ladd, Dr Joseph S. Klemek, Robin Young, Mr R Hardy, Wim Hance, Apple Computers, Catella UK Ltd, Gnosarch Foundation, Hanwell Instruments, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung

Friday, 5 August, 2016