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Coffin of Userhet (detail)Research outputs from the Ancient Egyptian Coffins Project so far were the focus of a major exhibition from 23 February to 22 May 2016. This was visited by over 90,000 visitors (an unprecedented 79% of total museum visitors during the period), of whom 70% came to the museum to see the exhibition; 95% were first-time visitors. There was a 5–6% increase in numbers in the 35–44 age group. Evaluations in the form of exit surveys were carried out in two one-week sessions, involving 344 visitors; the exhibition was rated “Excellent” – 77%; “Very good” – 21%; “Good” – 2%; “Poor” – 0%; “Very poor” – 0%. The exhibition was described as “a complete revelation” by Alison Richmond (CEO, Institute of Conservation).

A 256-page catalogue accompanied the exhibition, with essays by Helen Strudwick, Wolfram Grajetzki, John Taylor, Julie Dawson, Jenny Marchant and Eleanor von Aderkas, and with contributions from Caroline R. Cartwright and Rebecca Stacey.

Midway through the exhibition, the museum hosted an international conference of ancient Egyptian coffin experts. This was held at the Judge Business School from 7-9 April 2016; the conference proceedings will be published shortly.