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Gallery 19: Ancient Egypt


In 1822 two members of the University of Cambridge gave the university a set of coffins belonging to a man named Nespawershefyt.

This coffin set, with its extraordinary decoration, dominates the first section of this gallery. More coffins, and also objects placed in tombs alongside coffins can be found in the second section of the gallery.

These ancient Egyptian coffins, and other coffins and fragments not on display, have since 2014 been the focus of a cutting edge interdisciplinary research project by the Museum.

Besides the coffins, gallery highlights include a set of canopic jars, tomb models and a wrapped mummy. Notable benefactors to our Egyptian collections are R G Gayer-Anderson (1943) and Sir Robert Greg (1954) after whom our two Egyptian galleries are named.

Gallery data

Selected objects in gallery Gallery 19: Ancient Egypt

An image of Coffin



A 360 photo of gallery 19: June 2020

3D scans of objects in gallery

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