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Gallery 15: Dutch Art 17th–18th Century


This gallery contains Dutch art from the 17th and 18th centuries, including some domestic genre paintings which were owned by the Founder’s mother’s family, the Deckers. These were included in Lord Fitzwilliam’s original bequest and include works by Jan Steen and Gerrit Dou.

Elsewhere in the gallery you can enjoy landscapes by Cuyp and Ruisdael, and portraits by the studio of Rembrandt and Frans Hals. The central floor cabinets have a changing display of prints and drawings, which you are welcome to pull back the covers to see, and the original air conditioning units from the 1930s are covered by rugs and also a display of Delft ware, the highlight of which is the tulip vase.

Gallery data

A 360 image of gallery 15: June 2020

Sketchup model of this gallery

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