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Panel Painting

The image below shows an altarpiece in the Fitzwilliam [1129] painted in the early 15th century by the Florentine artist Rosello di Jacopo Franchi (c.1376 – 1457).

Like many other Italian altarpieces of the period, it carries an image of the Virgin and Child attended by Saints, in this case John the Baptist, the Apostles James and Andrew and an old man with a stick - probably the great 4th century hermit saint, Anthony Abbot.

The Hamilton Kerr Institute, the Fitzwilliam’s conservation department, recently examined and restored the painting. This section uses reconstructions made by students during this process.


Click on the image, left, to see how an early Italian altarpiece was made.

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Fine out more about these works from the collection that were made using the same technique

Paolo di Stefano
1440 - 1450

Fra Filippo Lippi
1406 – 1469

Simone Martini
1284 - 1344

Luca di Tommé
documented in
Siena 1356 - 1389

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