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Making art: Medieval manuscripts

The best way to discover how medieval manuscripts were made is to look at unfinished examples. The reconstruction in this animation is based on a page from an early fourteenth-century book made for a French bishop, Reynaud de Bar. It’s called the Metz Pontifical.


Click on the image to see how a manuscript like the Metz Pontifical was made.

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Find out more about these works from the collection that were made using the same technique

Unknown maker, England
Psalter, c.1220

Unknown maker, England
Bestiary, c.1220 - 1230

Master Honoré,
fl.1288 - 1318
Leaves from La Somme
le Roi
, c.1300

Unknown makers,
France and England
Gratian's Decretum,
c.1300 - 30

Unknown maker, France
The Metz Pontifical,
1302 - 1316

Don Silvestro dei
Gherarducci, 1339 - 1399
The Presentation
in the Temple
from a choirbook, 1370 - 1

Unknown maker, France
Roman de la Rose, c.1398

Rohan master, active
c.1410 – 1440
Book of Hours, c.1415

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