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  • Passport to the Egyptian Afterlife. The Book of the Dead of Ramose

    These webpages provide in-depth information about the beautifully illustrated papyrus containing the Book of the Dead of Ramose, displayed at the Fitzwilliam Musem from 19 June to 16 September 2007.

  • Black to Kemet. Placing Egypt in Africa

    This exhibition invites the viewer to consider the appearance of the people of Kemet around 3000 years ago and to ask the question: ‘Were the ancient Egyptians Black?’ as we use the term in Britain today.

  • Nubia: Past and Present

    Nubia: Past and Present explores the people of Nubia and their environment, and presents the landscape and archaeology of this region, through traditional photography and film. 

  • Triumph, Protection and Dreams: East African Headrests in Context

    This exhibition aims to offer visual evidence for the extraordinary diversity of the headrest in African cultures and to raise questions with regard to continuity, development and change, rather than to present a single social theory to explain the continued use of this iconic object over a period of almost 5000 years.

  • Origins of the Afro Comb

    In the 20th century 'afro' combs have taken on a wider political and cultural message, perhaps most notably in the form of the 'black fist' comb that references the Black power salute.

    This website aims to trace the history and the meaning of the African hair comb over nearly 6000 years in Africa, through to its re-emergence amongst the Diaspora in the Americas, Britain and the Caribbean.

  • The Lewis Collection: From Corpus Christi to the Fitzwilliam Museum

    The Lewis Collection is currently housed in the Fitzwilliam Museum, on long term loan from Corpus Christi College.

    Here, we celebrate the man behind one of largest antiquarian collections to have remained in private ownership.