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Fitzwilliam Masterpieces Collection

We're pleased to announce that The Fitzwilliam Museum Masterpieces Collection has been shortlisted by the Association for Cultural Enterprises (ACE) for Best Covid Product.

The range was developed by Fitzwilliam Museum Enterprises Ltd (FME) who are responsible for the rights management of University brand and museums assets, and whose profits go back to supporting the University's museums.

In order to help support the Museum during the pandemic, FME decided to come up with a creative idea that could be translated into products. This triggered the question of: ‘How are the masterpieces socially distancing in the museum?' Clearly, they would need to be wearing face masks! What emerged was a playful take on the pandemic with a strong art direction that was brought to life initially in a range of greeting cards.

The collection reimagined subjects of paintings during COVID 19, and expanded into products such as cards, gin, napkins and branded face masks.

BBC Breakfast described the collection as:

Stunning … an image of 2020.

While The Telegraph heralded the products as:

Art of the Pandemic.

Delegates can vote on the Conference platform until 4pm Tuesday 25th May. The winner will be announced by ACE on Wednesday 26 May. 

Posted on : 
Monday 17 May 2021