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Let's make a powerful message about something you care about a lot. These are examples from near the museum. 


Pick something you care about.  

Think of your phrase. Shorten this to 3 - 5 powerful words. You could make it catchy by using alliteration.

Put your message on something that will be seen by lots of people. What about a flag, a poster, or even a badge?

Would a picture help? You could drawn something or add some colour to your sign to make it stand out.

Think about who you want to read your sign. Is it clear enough for them to understand? 

Your sign shows your opinion because it is what you think or believe. You could add a fact to prove why your belief is important.


We would love to see your signs and find out what you think is important. Share them with us on Twitter at @FitzMuseumEduca or on our Facebook page: Fitzwilliam Museum Education Department.

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