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Opera nova contemplatiua p[er] ogni fidel christiano laquale tratta de le figure del testamento vecchio : le quale figura... (SSS.54.33)

Old Testament stories are retold in a simplified way in this attractive book, using running headers and large illustrations.


Officium beate ma-/rie virginis s[ecundu]m co[n]/suetudinem ro/mane curie (SSS.34.2)

A tiny, printed prayer book or ‘book of hours’ was cheap and accessible to a wide audience, and would have been used daily in many households.


Translatio miraculosa ecclesie beate Marie uirginis de Loreto (Inc.7.B.2.27[3660])

This brief printed pamphlet is a rare example of the kind of pilgrim souvenir that a visitor to the Holy House of Loreto might have acquired for a small sum from a local vendor. An early 16th-century owner has added his name to the front.


Incomentiano le deuote meditatione sopra la passione del nostro signore (Inc.5.B.3.2[4321])

This book was annotated by an early owner, who identifies herself inside the text as a nun, Sister Alexia. A second owner from within the convent, Sister Teofila, probably received the book from her fellow nun and has also added her name inside.



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