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You will be able to submit your INSPIRE2020 project between the 1st – 28th October, 2019. 

Please ensure you have prepared the following information:

  1. An email to subject line ‘INSPIRE 2020 Submission’ with the below information in and attach your submission as a PowerPoint.
  • School Name
  • Full School Address
  • Contact Teacher(s) names and job title
  • School Phone Numbers
  • Email addresses
  • How many teachers were involved in the delivery of your INSPIRE 2020 project
  • How many students took part – break down by year group
  • Did you or a colleague attend the INSPIRE 2020 CPD day?
  • Has your school used the project to support ArtsMark or ArtsAward?


  1. Please write a brief introduction overview about your school and your project.

Additionally, for each different piece of work you include you will need to give an explanation. If your work is chosen, it will be displayed with a text label the format of which is below. Use this format when writing about individual works

  • Name of Work
  • School Name, Location
  • Year Group/ Class
  • 100 words teacher explanation
  • Teacher Name and Job title
  • Pupil Quote
  • Pupil First Name, Age

Evidence you might want to include in your introduction and your text labels could be:

  • How was the picture introduced to pupils?
  • How did pupils lead their learning and what did the project involve?
  • Which curriculum subject and/or topic links were made with the picture and why?
  • What did the children hope to achieve or find out from their project?
  • Were there any unexpected outcomes in the development of the work?
  • Who took part e.g. the classes, artist in residence, parents, community?


  1. Pupil Testimonial

For each year group or each piece of work ensure that you have a few quotes from your pupils. You will need to include the pupil’s first name and age with each quotation. 

Quotes could be in response to:

  • Reflections/descriptions of the focus painting
  • The learning process e.g. details of new skills/ techniques learnt
  • Achievements and challenges


  1. Photographs

Use photographs to show the pupils process through the project and their making and learning.

  • Ensure that you keep the JPEG photographs
  • Ensure you have permissions from parents to include the images and they are happy for the gallery to use them in relation to the INSPIRE 2020 exhibition.
  • Please do not send photographs that we are unable to use.


  1. Film or Audio Files

If you have created digital content you can reference them in your PowerPoint but you may need to send them as separate files.  If you need to do this please email to let them know which school you are from and that you will be sending the files via WeTransfer.


Before you submit your project please ensure you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the INSPIRE 2020 project.