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INSPIRE2020 builds on our schools and teachers programme and has been designed to support and develop confidence, knowledge and creative thinking:  


  • Teachers and pupils develop confidence working in the museum spaces, responding to museum objects and sharing their ideas.
  • Teachers develop their confidence teaching and advocating for art and design within their school.


  • Teachers and pupils develop knowledge of museum objects, art forms and art skills through inspiring interactions with museum objects.
  • Teachers develop knowledge of how to plan and deliver cross-curricular projects.
  • Teachers develop a better understanding of how to promote enquiry based learning within their setting.
  • Teachers develop their knowledge of how to plan and deliver high quality art experiences for their pupils.

Creative Thinking

  • Teachers and pupils respond creatively to the collection in a variety of different ways, e.g. talking, drawing, mark making, modelling, moving, writing.
  • Teachers and pupils use imaginative, collaborative and reflective approaches when responding to the museum objects, collections and spaces.