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Thriplow CofE School's response to Jacopo del Sellaio's Cupid and Psyche

We aim to shine our light before others

Thriplow CofE Primary School

Reception Year

Mixed media 


'The first time the children saw the painting was at the museum. The children explored the painting with the museum teacher in the gallery through talking, storytelling, and drawing. At school, the children explored the painting during ‘independent playful learning time’, and through other subjects including English and Drama. The children became fascinated by Apollo’s golden rays of light in the painting. This shining light resonated with the children because our school vision encourages children to ‘shine their light before others’. This link led us to creating our final piece, which depicts the children literally and metaphorically shining their lights, just like Apollo in the painting.'

Emily Grace Batty, Reception Class Teacher

Inspire 2020