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Assembling Cupid's wings by year 6 at Stamford Junior School


Year 6, Stamford Junior School

Mixed Media


'First of all Year 6 used the PowerPoint sent as part of the resources and explained the background behind ‘Cupid & Pysche’. The children were interested to learn about the artist, Jacopo del Sellaio, and what his early training might have involved. We looked at life in Italy at that time and discussed the meaning and importance of the Renaissance. The children studied the painting as a whole class and then in small groups, were encouraged to explore different elements of the work e.g. the landscape, clothing, architectural style, idea of continuous narrative  etc. They then chose an element and planned a piece of work to reflect their interest, carefully considering the size and materials used.'

C. Gardiner and M.Hewett , Class Teachers 

Inspire 2020