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Year 1 artwork from Haslingfield Endowed Primary created for Inspire exhibition

Collaborative Piece

Class One, Haslingfield Endowed Primary School 

Mixed media 


'Our journey began with a visit from our Year 6 buddies who had visited the Fitzwilliam museum. They introduced the class to the picture of Cupid and Pysche. The class noticed a resemblance to the story of Beauty and the Beast. We wrote a class version of Beauty and the Beast and decided to illustrate the story using Eric Carle style collage. We were also inspired to use collage by a visit from a local artist Liz Hales who also helped us on the day of the big draw. The children worked in groups to create freezes of the story. They created backgrounds and used Liz’s technique of ink drawing on top of collage to create the characters. The children were very happy with the results and enjoyed sharing their work with the rest of the school and their parents. They learned about story telling; working as a group; and how to use collage with different medias.'

Lisa Fallan, Class One Teacher

Inspire 2020