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Cupid phoning Psyche from a phone box, created by Great and Little Shelford Primary School for Inspire

Cupids Phonecall

Year 5 and 6, Little and Great Shelford Primary School  

Creative writing


'Twenty-five children from Year 3 at Great and Little Shelford Primary School took part, first exploring the painting using role play and diary entries. They were most fascinated by the scene in which Psyche lifts Cupid's wing to reveal him. This led us to dress a mannequin for the Village Phone box as Cupid and filling it with conversations they thought might happen between the two. We imagined what Cupid would say to Psyche if he telephoned her and then displayed the dialogue in the village phone box and in the village newsletter.’

Mrs Rosamund Ashton and Mrs Dawn Scott, Year 3 Class Teachers

Great and Little Shelford Primary School's collaborative artwork for Inspire

Inspire 2020