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Our Secret Selves 

Year 5 and 6, Little and Great Shelford Primary School  

Creative writing


‘The pupils were drawn to one corner of the painting - Psyche lifting Cupid’s wing. With the title “My Secret Self” we discussed what someone would see if they lifted our wing to reveal our own secret selves- a side to us that maybe no-one else knows about. We thought about what we would secretly choose to be doing instead of going to school- what activity would truly reflect who we really are? The pupils then painted a miniature portrait of themselves engaged in this activity and made paper feathers to form two large wings to hide their secret selves.' 

Mrs Rosamund Ashton and Mrs Dawn Scott, Year 3 Class Teachers



Great and Little Shelford Primary School's collaborative artwork for Inspire
Cupid phoning Psyche from a phone box, created by Great and Little Shelford Primary School for Inspire

Inspire 2020