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The Fitzwilliam Museum

The 2009 Fitzwilliam Sculpture Promenade inaugurates a new showcase for contemporary and modern sculpture on the lawns of the Fitzwilliam Museum – an annual exhibition that may be enjoyed freely by all. This installation has been selected and organised by the Museum’s director Timothy Potts and Cambridge sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld, Vice President of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS). The nine works by eight sculptors were selected from submissions by members of the RBS, and will be on display until January 2010. The project has been generously sponsored by the Unex Group, Cambridge.

The expansive lawns and historic façade of the Museum provide a striking backdrop for the display of contemporary art, which this and future installations will seek to exploit. The works have been designed for outdoor display, where they interact physically and aesthetically with their landscape and with visitors. Many are conceived and fashioned in ways that respond to changes in light, weather and the seasons; here the effects of exposure to the elements are welcomed as part of the works’ dynamic and evolving character. Visitors are invited to walk amongst the sculptures and interact with them. Touching is permitted - unlike inside the Museum - although climbing and any other activity that could cause personal injury or damage to the works are not allowed.

The 2009 Fitzwilliam Museum Sculpture Promenade features work by David Begbie, Richard Fenton, Charles Hadcock, Diane Maclean, Terry New, Andrew Stonyer, Johannes von Stumm and Wu Wei-shan.

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The organisers are indebted to photographer Henryk Hetflaisz for the remarkable photographs of the sculptors with their work which he has so generously permitted the Museum to use on this website and in print associated with this installation.

Unex Group

Photographs of sculptures in situ at the Museum by The Fitzwilliam Museum