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Chinese 20 cash copper coin of Wen Zong, 1853-5

Chinese 20 cash coin, Fuchow, 1853-5 Chinese 20 cash coin, Fuchow, 1853-5

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Chinese 20 cash copper coin of the Emperor Wen Zong, from Fuzhou, 1853-5

This copper coin worth 20 cash is from the city of Fuzhou in China, the capital city of Fujian Province. It was minted between 1853 and 1855 during the reign of the Emperor Wen Zong (1850-61), of the Qing Dynasty. The Chinese characters on the obverse read 'Xian Feng tong bao'. The characters at the top and bottom, 'Xian Feng', refer to the reign title of Wen Zong, and translate as 'Universal Prosperity'. The character on the right is 'tong', and that on the left is 'bao', and together they mean 'Universal Currency'. The characters on the reverse indicate the value of the coin and where it was minted. The characters to left and right read 'Boo fu', which means the mint of Fuchow. Those at the top and bottom read 'Er Shi', which show that the coin is worth twenty cash.