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Perry Collection

Perry & the Trip to Japan

A Japanese print showing Perry in uniform
(A Japanese print showing Perry in uniform. Image from the Library of Congress.)

In 1852, at the command of the US government, Commodore Perry set out for the Far East at the head of a fleet of warships in order to compel Japan to open up to trade with the West. The result was the 1854 Convention of Kanagawa which established trade between the Empire of Japan and America, ending Japan's traditional policy of seclusion.

Perry's journey from Norfolk, Virginia to Edo Bay near modern-day Tokyo took him across the Atlantic and Indian oceans to Japan in the North Pacific. A series of coins from the Perry Collection from Madeira, the Straits Settlements, Thailand, India, China and Japan were probably acquired by the Commodore during the journey to the Far East and the diplomatic negotiations which followed, firmly linking the Collection to Perry's historic mission.

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