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Perry Collection Database

Through this page can be viewed the whole of the Perry Collection as it has been loaned to the Fitzwilliam Museum. The browse links below break the collection down into its constituent groups; where these groups are large, these links lead to further submenus. Each group or subgroup is listed on its page, and the list items are linked to individual, dynamically-generated, pages for each item. Some coins or subgroups appear in more than one group, so, for example, Byzantine occurs under Roman, Ancient Greek and Medieval. As well as making for intuitively-usable web-pages, this way of breaking down the Collection shows the extraordinary breadth that Commodore Perry's unique career allowed him to cover.

Ancient Greek

Carthage (17 coins)

Sicily (51 coins)

Roman Provincial (24 coins)

Other... (32 coins)


Roman Republic (6 coins)

Roman Empire (submenu)

Roman Provincial (24 coins)

Byzantine (50 coins)


Byzantine (50 coins)

Iberian Peninsula (6 coins)

Naples and Sicily (4 coins)


Ottoman (11 coins)

Other... (3 coins)

Far Eastern

China (3 coins)

Japan (2 coins)

Modern European

France (24 coins)

Germany (26 coins)

Italy (52 coins)

Malta (6 coins)

Russia (14 coins)

Spain (6 coins)

Sweden (6 coins)

United Kingdom (13 coins)

Other... (25 coins)

South-East Asia

Indonesia (2 coins)

Malacca (1 coin)

Straits Settlements (4 coins)

Thailand (2 coins)

Rest of World...

Canada (3 coins)

India (7 coins)

Mexico (6 coins)

Central and South Americas (22 coins)