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Exhibition Highlights

Each of these items from the Exhibition has a particular story of its own, often marking the place of a single individual in a great event in history. Click on the thumbnails for a full-sized image and to learn more about the medal in question.

Waterloo Medal, 1815

Waterloo Campaign Medal by Thomas Wyon, 1815

Crimea Medal, 1854

Crimea Medal by Thomas Wyon; bar for Sebastopol

Marne Medal, 1914

The Battle of the Marne, by Jules Prosper Legastelois, 1914

Jutland Medal, 1915

The Battle of Jutland, cast-iron medal by Walter Eberbach, 1916

Burma War Medal, 1826

Burma War Medal, gold, by W. Daniell, 1826

Coorg Medal, 1837

Coorg Medal, 1837

Ghuznee Medal, 1839

Ghuznee Medal, 1839

Ashanti War Medal, 1901

Ashanti War Medal, by G. W. de Saulles, 1901; bar for Kumassi

`Dangers Averted', c. 1859

Dangers Averted, gold medal, c. 1589, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard

Boulton's Trafalgar Medal, 1805

Boulton�s Trafalgar Medal, by C. H. K�chler, 1805; silver (frosted proof, in watch-glass case)

Arctic Medal, 1876

Arctic Medal, 1875-76, by L. C. Lyon, 1876

Distinguished Flying Medal

Distinguished Flying Medal

New Zealand Cross, 1871

New Zealand Cross awarded to Trooper Antonio Rodriguez, 1871

Victoria Cross, 1917

Victoria Cross awarded to Edward Mott, 1917