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Exhibition Highlights

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Bronze Appliqué of Pan Gold Diadem with Animal Combat Scenes  
                    and Temple Ornaments Bronze Torso of a Youth Gold Headdress Ornament with Openwork Decoration Bronze Statuette of Nike Polychrome Pectoral with Griffins and Birds

Golden Graves

Excavating grave 24The wealth of grave goods discovered in tombs at Vani reveal evidence of the city's international past.
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Gold Temple OrnamentColchis was known in ancient times for its gold mines. However, this exhibition shows that it was equally rich in craftsmanship.

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Religious Ritual

Bronze Figurine with Gold Appliqué JewelleryA series of strange figurines bedecked in jewellery were excavated in or near the sacred buildings at Vani.

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Bronze Mask of a SatyrWine production has a long history in Georgia. Evidence for this ancient tradition can be seen at Vani.

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