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21st Century Engraved Glass

An exhibition by the Guild of Glass Engravers

The Guild of Glass Engravers is the only organisation devoted to this art form and counts internationally-renowned artists amongst its number. It promotes the highest standards of craftsmanship in glass engraving, as well as a creative approach to design.

The Guild was founded in 1975 by a small group of British engravers, with Laurence Whistler as its first President and John Hutton as Vice President; David Peace was the Chairman.

Membership of the Guild is worldwide and open to anyone interested in engraved glass or who wants to learn how to engrave. New members are always welcome and membership details are given in the exhibition catalogue. There are four grades of membership: Lay Member, Craft Member, Associate Fellow and Fellow. The last three of these may be attained by assessment of work within the Guild.

More information about the works displayed is available on the Guild’s website

Glass Engraving Techniques
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