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Clouds and Myths
Monotypes by Lino Mannocci

This online exhibition features a selection of recent works by Italian-born artist Lino Mannocci. It went live to coincide with the exhibition Clouds and Myths: Monotypes by Lino Mannocci (9 February - 9 May 2010) in the Shiba Gallery (Gallery 14).

In this recent group of works, Lino Mannocci explores aspects of myth, with themes and figures drawn from a variety of sources. Mannocci has subtly adapted the painterly form of printmaking known as 'monotype' by introducing collage and digital images. This extends his means of quoting figures from other contexts, which include paintings in The Fitzwilliam Museum's collection.

The titles of the prints also involve quotation, either in English or Italian, but rather than identifying his literary or visual sources, Mannocci leaves the viewer to respond personally to the various mythic, poetic, iconographic and art-historical elements that he brings into play. The content and technique of the monotypes are explored more fully in the printed catalogue to the exhibition.

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