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Arming a Knight and his Horse

On 29 May 2013, the Fitzwilliam Museum hosted its very own Armoury Extravaganza. This public-facing, interactive event sought to explore the human experience of wearing armour, highlighting the importance of fit, form, function and fashion. Some highlights from the day included a knight on horseback, complete with replica sixteenth-century Milanese armour, and a Cambridge blacksmith demonstrating armour- and sword-making techniques. Visitors could also try on modern replica armour to experience how these seemingly cumbersome objects actually allowed for a great range of movement and flexibility.

To complement the Armoury Extravaganza, the Fitzwilliam Museum created a series of videos demonstrating the lengthy process of arming a knight and his horse, and preparing for the battlefield or tiltyard in the sixteenth century.

Watch full video here