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News and gossip June-November 1997

7 Nov 97: Lecture at BM

There will be a public lecture at the Department of Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum:

Dr Marianne Eaton-Krauss

will talk on


Wednesday 3rd December 1997 at 6pm in the BM Main Lecture Theatre

An illustrated lecture to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. Dr Eaton-Krauss will focus on the structure and decoration of the thrones, chairs and stools intended to accompany the pharaoh through eternity.


Tickets available from the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, British Museum, London, WClB 3DG enclosing a cheque for £5 & SAE. (Admission charge includes wine/fruit juice after the lecture).

(This information from Richard Parkinson)


18 Oct 97: SCA

Gaballa Aly Gaballa now has officially taken over. See

Thanks to Willem Hovestreydt for this URL.

Also some more tombs have been opened at Giza. See

As this is CNN, the link may expire soon. Thanks to Helena Jaeschke for information.


Sept 97: SCA changes?

17.09.97: I have heard that the SCA may be looking for a new Chairman/Principal Secretary, as it is rumoured that Dr Aly Hassan's tenure has not been extended for a further six months.

22.09.97: Rumour has it that Aly Hassan has been extended in his tenure for another month.

24.09.97: Today's story is that Aly Hassan has gone, and is soon to be replaced by Gaballa Aly Gaballa, who teaches Egyptology in the University of Cairo. Until the end of the month, the SCA is being headed by Emad Maald who is Director of the Centre for Administrative Affairs.

You heard it first on Egyptology Resources!!


6/9/97: Petrie Museum

I have heard that the Petrie Museum, University College, London is closed until further notice due to staffing and security problems. This means that the collection is closed to the general public and to academic queries as well.

This is apparently connected with the results of a security review undertaken earlier this year.

5/9/97: Qurna update updated

I heard on the grapevine that the tombs of Roy (TT255) and Shuroy (TT13) were being opened to tourists, but have no independent confirmation. And...

Die Zeit on 22 August carried a story about the progress of the project to move the local inhabitants of Qurna, the area around the tombs on the West Bank at Luxor in Egypt, to new homes. The article mentioned that in the region of 300 houses have now been destroyed by the authorities, the former inhabitants of which have been moved to the new village on the edge of the desert. [See my stuff on the WWW reporting the beginning of this last year.] This suggests that a project is succeeding where many other attempts have failed.

Copyright prevents me reproducing the article in Die Zeit, but Alexander Biesbroek has pointed out that it can be found at It was definitely a bit cynical about the operation, presenting it as largely an attempt to sanitise the area for tourists and further remove them from the everyday life of Egypt. It was a bit one-sided, taking very much the stance of those locals who are against it. In particular, no mention was made of the significance of removing the Qurnawi from the area of the tombs for the preservation of the monuments themselves.


17/8/97: Co-operation in Egypt being encouraged

The Supreme Council for Antiquities (SCA) and its secretary general, Dr. Ali Hassan, are eager to encourage a larger number of missions to help Egyptian archaeologists find the treasures of ancient Egypt's civilization.

The work of these missions, however, should be carried out in accordance with the SCA's regulations, according to Hassan.

The SCA last Tuesday approved the work of six new missions in Cairo and Giza.

The missions represent archaeological institutions from Scotland, Russia, Austria, Britain and the United States, Hassan told reporters.

Thanks to Doug Weller for this.


17/8/97: Ramesses going home?

I heard a week or more ago on the World Service that it has been decided that the statue of Ramesses II which has been outside the main Cairo railway station since (I think) the 1950s is to be returned to Memphis, whence it came. Reason is mainly to do with the pollution in Cairo which is damaging it.


17/7/97: Griffith Institute news

The material in the Archive of the Griffith Institute and the records of the Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs and Paintings will not be available for consultation from 1 March 1998 until October 2000.

This is due to the work on the new Sackler Library. The situation will be reviewed after the Archive and the Topographical Bibliography records have been moved into temporary accommodation.

Up to date information will be available on the Griffith Institute's website:

Jaromir Malek
Editor of the Top. Bibl. and Keeper of the Archive


7/7/97: ARCE North Texas programme

Click here [link now broken] to find out more.


7/7/97: News from Brazil

Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia at Sao Paulo University recently has opened its new Egyptian Exhibition room. The objects are displayed in a room which reproduces a private chapel of a Theban Tomb, conceived, executed, and painted in plaster (distemper) like New Kingdom Egyptians craftsmen.

Prof. Antonio Brancaglion Junior (


1/7/97: Aida in Luxor

This is a little commercial, but I have noted there is a web site for the forthcoming production of Aida in Luxor in October.


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