News and gossip Jan-Mar 1995

Climate conference

29/3/95: a report on the BBC on the climate summit singled out for mention possible consequences for Egypt of Global Warming. Production of rice and grain could drop between 10 and 20 % if carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase. This could be very serious given that Egypt already has to import a lot of food.

Antiquities thefts

UK media carried reports over the weekend of 11-12 March about arrests relating to theft handling of stolen Egyptian Antiquities. Click here for a Reuter article.

Other media in late March carried stories about a possible haul of antiquities at Cairo Airport. Click here.

Abdel-Aziz Sadek

Abdel-Aziz Sadek, known to Egyptologists as Azouz, died a few days ago in Cairo. He will be sorely missed.

Tomb of Alexander the Great at Siwa ?

This intriguing story has been around since at least 30/1/95. I have given it its own page: click here to see it and the latest news I have.

Maximianon/el Zerqa

Click here for a report on recent work at el Zerqa on the Red Sea.


An formal Egyptian newsgroup has been created by in the soc hierarchy. It will of course be read by scholars and (particularly) non-scholars alike. If your WWW software is correctly configured (and you have news access of course), clicking here should get you the newsgroup. Contact your local system manager if this doesn't work.

New cemetery at Giza

09/02/95: A Reuter story about this appeared today, indicating that this discovery will play havoc with the Cairo ring road. Click here to see it.

Theft in Egypt

23/1/95: A recent article in al-Ahram Weekly discussed theft of antiquities. Click here.

Black Athena

24/1/95: Peter Piccione recently posted an account of an AHA session on Bernal's Black Athena to the Chicago List. I have put a version of it here (changed from ftp to html 14/4/06).

New discovery in Egypt

19/1/95: A discovery in the Pyramid of Senwosret III at Dahshur. Click here

News from Luxor

A report with images of recent events in Luxor. Click here
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