News and gossip, January-April 2000


26/4/2000: Amelia Edwards Memorial lecture in October

Monday 16 October 2000: The University of Bristol hosts an annual distinguished lecture in memory of the foundress of the Egypt Exploration Fund, and a long-time resident of Westbury-on-Trym, a suburb of Bristol. This year's lecture will be given on 16 October 2000 by Prof. Dr Miroslav Verner, Charles University, Prague, on the subject of 'Excavations in the Pyramid-field of Abusir'. It will begin at 1715 hrs in the Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol, Queen's Road, Bristol 8. Entry is free to all. Any queries may be addressed to Dr Aidan Dodson (


15 April 2000: Harpokrates

A new international group has been set up for young Egyptologists, called Harpokrates. Initially the group may be contacted by email at It is hoped to produce a journal for members, and Egyptologists of greater ages are invited to contribute.


6 April 2000: Pyramids etc

It has been mentioned that the discovery of a new pyramid has been in the media in Cairo. The enquiries of others make it prety clear that this is a reannouncement of the discovery of the most recent queen's pyramid found by the French team around the pyramid complex of Pepy I at Saqqara, which was first noted in 1998. See Egyptian Archaeology 13 (1998), p. 9-10, "Discovery of the pyramid of Queen Ankhesenpepy II". This reference was taken from information supplied by J Legon.

Also from Egypt, it sounds like the ICE conference was a great success! Congratulations to the SCA and everyone else who organised it.

26 March 2000: ICE yet again

Some more changes have been made to the schedule. I have two versions, an unformatted one in html format, and the other one with tables in Word format.

13 March 2000: ICE again

The programme for the conference in Cairo at the end of March has now been produced, and is available here as an html file. It's 44 k in length. An alternative is a PDF file of 40k.

You read it first on Egyptology Resources!

13 March 2000: Wonderful things?

I have just (re)discovered an email from Lyla Brock which quotes this from the Cairo Times of 3-9 February, 2000.

"Prosecutors from the Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag on 29 January began questioning a villager arrested in possession of a meter-high, pure-gold statue of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The 45-year old Abdel Rahman Abdel Latif was also caught with two ...

Any ideas ?????????

1 March 2000: Tell Ibrahim Awad

I have just become aware of news stories from last year about a very old (prehistoric) temple being found at this site in the Delta. See for more information.


22 February 2000: IAE conference 3rd & final announcement


Now that things have settled down after the enforced change, the final announcement has been made.

Read it here as an html file or as a pdf file.

I am also informed that another source of hotel information for Cairo is at


20 February 2000: News from Giza

Reports indicate that Zahi Hawwass has been digging again in the shaft tomb on the Khafre causeway, as the water levels have dropped in their usual way for the winter. This is a large shaft tomb, probably of the Persian Period, which Zahi believes may have been adopted to function as a 'Tomb of Osiris' in very late times. I suggest that readers watch Zahi's web site for more information. A typical report spotted was on ABC news.

'Tombs of Osiris' are not uncommon. Legend had it of course that the body of Osiris was chopped into many pieces and buried all over Egypt. So many places had tombs for him. The principal ones were of course at Abydos, where it has been argued that the Osireion dates back to the Old Kingdom, and one of the first dynasty tombs was reused in the Middle Kingdom and later as a centre for the cult, and an actual Osiris bed of stone was found there.


2 February 2000: IMPORTANT: IAE conference change!

I understand from several sources that the venue for the Cairo conference at the end of March has changed. Apparently the Egyptian government has decided to hold a meeting of African heads of state at the Medinet Nasr conference centre, so the venue has to be moved. It will now take place at the Menu House hotel near the pyramids, and registered participants are to be informed, and given new hotels.

As I was writing that, an email came through with more detail. Read it here.


18 January 2000: London Diary

The new London Diary for the ANE is here.


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