Announcement (UPDATED 22/9/2007)

“The Hans-Goedicke-Foundation” for Egyptology

The Egyptological “Hans Goedicke-Foundation” based at the Austrian Academy of Sciences is an international foundation to support academic research by Egyptologists without differentiation in nationality, gender, ethnicity, race or religion. Applicants should have completed their education with a doctorate or its academic equivalent and should not have passed their 40th birthday.

 Projects for support in German, English and French have to fall in the areas of ancient Egyptian philology, interpretative or epigraphic, from the early Old Kingdom to the Roman Period (hieroglyphic or hieratic); further, studies in history, literature, religion, culture, art history or law.

Excluded from support are linguistics, Demotic and Coptic, as well as archaeology: field archaeology and the analysis of archaeological excavations.


 All candidates holding a MA or doctorate in Egyptology should submit their application in written form to the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (see below). The application must contain:


- a letter of application

- a description of the project or research

- a curriculum vitae

- a list of publications

- one publication (preferably a recent article)

- letters from two referees in a sealed envelope


Deadline for all applications is December 31st of each year. The candidates will be informed about the Foundation’s decision in March/April the following year.


All applications should be sent to the “Hans-Goedicke-Foundation” at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2,1010 Vienna, Austria.


For further information write under the heading “Hans-Goedicke-Foundation” to:


Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Jánosi
The Secretary of the “Hans-Goedicke-Foundation”
Institute of Egyptology
University Vienna
Frankgasse 1
1090 Vienna