Ewer in the form of a cat The Department of Paintings, Drawings and Prints houses collections of international importance, including work of European, American and Asian schools, ranging from the thirteenth century to the present day.

Highlights include paintings by Italian Renaissance artists, particularly of the Venetian school, a superb collection of landscapes of all schools, a distinguished group of portraits and portrait miniatures by British artists and a remarkable range of works by French Impressionist painters. Notable among the drawings collection are works by draughtsmen of the Italian, French, Dutch and Flemish schools, and an outstanding group of British watercolours. The extensive print collection includes particularly strong holdings of Northern European prints, portrait prints, and a choice collection of Japanese woodcuts.

Faience Tiles

The Chüshingura Drama Parodied by Famous Beauties: Act Two, c.1795
Kitagawa Utamaro (c.1756-1806)