Dr Rory Naismith

Junior Research Fellow

Contact details

Tel. (direct): 01223 332918
Email rn242@cam.ac.uk
Fax: 01223 332923

Responsibilities and Research Interests:

Rory is a Junior Research Fellow at Clare College, but recently concluded a PhD in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic on 'History and Coinage in Southumbrian England, c. 750-865', jointly supervised by Prof. Simon Keynes and Dr Mark Blackburn. In recent years he has also been engaged as an Editorial Assistant in the Department of Coins and Medals on two projects: Derek Chick's corpus of the coins of Offa of Mercia (soon to be published as The Coinage of Offa and his Contemporaries (London, forthcoming)) and Yvonne Harvey's catalogue of coins from the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval mint of Winchester (to be published in as The Mint and Coins of Winchester, Winchester Studies 8 Oxford forthcoming).

His primary research interests are the history and coinage of Anglo-Saxon England and early medieval Europe.

Academic history

2009-: Junior Research Fellow, Clare College, Cambridge.

2006-9: Trinity College, Cambridge, PhD in ASNaC: 'History and Coinage in Southumbrian England, c. 750-865'.

2005-6: Trinity College, Cambridge, MPhil in ASNaC.

2002-5: Trinity College, Cambridge, BA(Hons) in ASNaC.


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